mdex public.IP

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  • Fixed public IP address
  • Direct access from the internet
  • Full access (protocol-independent)
  • Diagnosis and monitoring with the mdex Management Portal
  • Examples:

Mobile routers can be connected to mdex either via APN access data (if using a Telekom SIM card, Vodafone SIM card or mdexSIM) or alternatively via OpenVPN (for all other mobile networks and mobile providers).

30-day trial period

  • max. 2 x routers
  • max. 2 x SIM cards
  • max. 4 x mdex public.IP / mdex fixed.IP+ / mdex HQ-Tunnel

When ordering simply select the ‘30-day trial period’ option.

Terms and conditions

  • SIM cards costs are charged (no pro-rata charge).
  • Damaged hardware will be invoiced.
  • As-new hardware will be delivered, possibly not in original packaging.
  • This may, upon request, be exchanged for new hardware after the trial period.

The products are purchased with a 30-day cancellation period. It is possible to withdraw from the purchase agreement within this time without stating reasons. An invoice will be issued upon expiry of the 30-day period.

Only available for sale to business customers

mdex does not conclude any contracts with consumers (Section 13 of the German Civil Code BGB).

All prices are net prices.

Existing customers can continue to order with their customer number (customer code).

Feel free to get in touch with us

if you have any questions: +49 4109 555 444

Total net price (once)
12.00 EUR
Total net price (monthly)
23.53 EUR
Minimum contract term:
24 months
Notice period:
3 months
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Advantages at a glance

  • Permanent availability of your terminal devices on mobile network
  • Unrestricted access (protocol-independent)
  • mdex components operational in just a few steps
  • Available as simple extension or complete solution

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How does access to a fixed public IP address work?

With the mdex public.IP, a fixed public IP address can be used to access mobile devices (e.g. LTE router) from the internet anywhere in the world. All connections to this public IP address are forwarded by mdex to the mobile terminal device on the mobile network. There are no restrictions when it comes to IP communication. All data is forwarded to the device transparently. This makes mdex public.IP ideal for applications that require worldwide online access, e.g. web servers, small business servers, VPN routers or network cameras.

Important notice!

A fixed public IP address means that your devices are accessible to anyone throughout the world. This means these devices are also exposed to typical online attacks. All mdex security barriers (firewall, protocol restrictions, VPN) are suspended in the interests of unrestricted IP communication. It is your responsibility to take the necessary security precautions.

Please observe our >> Security information.

Further information

You can find further information on the mdex public.IP on our >>Support-Wiki.

Specifications – mdex public.IP Vodafone OpenVPN

Fixed public IP address

  • Fixed IP address (IPv4)
  • Direct IP access
  • Optional PTR record



Easily upgradeable

Worldwide public internet access

  • Immediately & permanently available
  • mdex’s own access points on mobile network (APN)

Management Portal

  • Connection management
  • Lock option
  • Usage statistics


You can find further information on the mdex public.IP on our >>Support-Wiki.

Examples – mdex public.IP

Fixed public IP address for LTE

Depending on the application, there may be no alternative to a fixed public IP address.  If you want to run an e-mail server locally, you will for example require a fixed public IP address which is accessible externally on a permanent basis. If you are also intending to run the terminal device to be accessed in a rural area or a decentralised location, connection via a mobile network is often the only alternative since there is no DSL connection or the data throughput of the existing line is too little. Since the government-supported LTE network expansion, the mobile network has emerged as a serious DSL alternative, especially in rural regions. Added to this is the high data throughput rate which frequently reaches up to to 50 Mbit/s, qualifying the LTE standard for particularly bandwidth-intensive applications.

 Advantages at a glance:

  • Permanent availability of your terminal devices on mobile network
  • Unrestricted access (protocol-independent)
  • mdex components operational in just a few steps
  • Available as simple extension or complete solution

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FAQs – mdex public.IP


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Set-up & configuration

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You can find further help topics in relation to mdex public.IP on our >>Support-Wiki.

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