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Reg.-Nr.: 10-12/2008
Gültig bis: 22.05.2020



  • Private, fixed IP address
  • Worldwide, secure web access
    despite firewall in the mobile network
  • Encryption
  • Protection against attacks from the Internet
  • Diagnostics and monitoring with the mdex Management Portal
  • From quantity one
  • optional full access (HQ-Tunnel)

mdex fixed.IP+ assigns a fixed, private IP address to any Internet connection (mobile phone, DSL, SAT). A fixed, private IP address is particularly suitable for direct, encrypted web access to a terminal device from a distance. For example, an IP camera can be accessed in a few steps for encrypted access via a web browser.

Mobile routers can be connected to mdex either via APN access data (if using a Telekom SIM card, Vodafone SIM card or mdexSIM) or alternatively via OpenVPN (for all other mobile networks and mobile providers).

30-day trial period with right of cancellation

  • max. 2 x routers
  • max. 2 x SIM cards
  • max. 4 x mdex public.IP / mdex fixed.IP+ / mdex HQ-Tunnel

When ordering simply select the ‘30-day trial period’ option.

Terms and conditions

  • SIM cards costs are charged (no pro-rata charge).
  • Damaged hardware will be invoiced.
  • As-new hardware will be delivered, possibly not in original packaging.
  • This may, upon request, be exchanged for new hardware after the trial period.

The products are purchased with a 30-day cancellation period. It is possible to withdraw from the purchase agreement within this time without stating reasons. An invoice will be issued upon expiry of the 30-day period.

Only available for sale to business customers

mdex does not conclude any contracts with consumers (Section 13 of the German Civil Code BGB).

All prices are net prices.

Existing customers can continue to order with their customer number (customer code).

Feel free to get in touch with us
if you have any questions: +49 4109 555 444

Total net price (once)
12.00 EUR
Total net price (monthly)
5.00 EUR
Minimum contract term:
12 months
Notice period:
3 months
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With our package solutions you can render your servers and terminal devices remotely accessible via a fixed private IP address.  We offer you a complete solution, simply an extension of your existing connection or, if you already have the required hardware, a SIM card tariff with a fixed private IP address.

Advantages at a glance

  • Permanent availability of your terminal devices on a mobile network
  • Secured access via mdex
  • mdex components operational in just a few steps
  • Available simply as an extension or a complete solution

We recommend >> mdex mobile.web Package

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How does access to a fixed private IP address work?

Each device with an mdex fixed.IP+ is allocated a unique internet address (URL). Using this internet address, IP devices can be accessed worldwide on a web browser using a web link. The web browser and the terminal device communicate via a secure, encrypted channel (HTTPS) and there is also the option of further securing this communication via the mdex Management Portal. A closed user group (VPN) is formed by at least two mdex fixed.IP+s of one customer. Only the devices of one customer can communicate with one another unrestrictedly and these are protected from unwanted access from the internet.

mdex fixed.IP

Further information

You can find further information on mdex fixed.IP+ on our >>Support-Wiki.

Specifications – mdex fixed.IP+ Vodafone | Telekom | OpenVPN

Fixed private IP address

  • Fixed IP address (IPv4)
  • Direct IP access
  • Optional PTR record

Leitstellentunnel (optional)

  • Protocol access to the fixed.IP+ via e.g. FTP, SSH, Telnet, …
  • Secure access from the internet
  • Can only be used in combination with mdex fixed.IP+

Encrypted access

  • Access via web link
  • HTTPS-encryption
  • VPN extension possible

Easily upgradeable

  • mdex routers
  • mdex SIM cards

Management Portal

  • Connection management
  • Lock option
  • Usage statistics

You can find further information on mdex fixed.IP+ on our >>Support-Wiki.

Examples – mdex fixed.IP+

Secured access to an IP camera

An mdex fixed.IP+ gives you quick and secure access to an IP camera via a fixed private IP address. The IP camera can be accessed in a few short steps via the web browser using the mdex

Do you need support in the set-up of your fixed.IP+ camera connection? No problem.
Installation support is an extra option which can be added to your order for a net price of € 48.

Our Tip

When starting up your IP camera you may need to update any pre-configured standard passwords.

FAQs – mdex fixed.IP+


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Set-up & configuration

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You can find further help topics relating to mdex fixed.IP+ on our >>Support-Wiki.

Extension mdex HQ-Tunnel

Direct access to other fixed.IP+

Secured full access to mdex fixed.IP+ IP addresses from the internet.

Complete access to mdex fixed.IP+ addresses e.g. FTP, SSH, Telnet, …

  • Secure access from the internet
  • In combination with mdex fixed.IP+

To product page >> mdex HQ-Tunnel.

fixed.IP+ certification


Reg.-No.: 10-12/2008
Valid until: 22.05.2020
ULD Schleswig-Holstein

Additional informationen

*Should you transfer sensitive information about the service fixed.IP, we recommend using an additional encryption.

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