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Web / and WAP billing via mobile network

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Mobile Payment

Innovative micropayment with web / and WAP billing via mobile networks

Innovative services need not only be implemented, they require an effective billing process too. Mdex has the right solution for you.

With the mdex Billing Gateway, we enable service and content providers to process micro-transactions, e.g. when end users pay for digital content via their mobile phone bills (web/WAP billing). Mobile network operators can for instance simply invoice new services and products via mobile phone bills and tap into new fields of business with ease.

How does the mdex Mobile Payment Platform work

The mdex Mobile Payment Platform opens up the possibility of billing mobile customers for value-added services from all German networks as well as selected service providers. This way you can offer your products to as large a target group as possible.

All you need is a technical connection to mdex. We assume the development, set-up and maintenance of the various network operator interfaces. Your application accepts customer orders via various ordering channels and forwards the transaction data (amount, name of service, phone number, etc.) to the mdex Mobile Payment Platform. It checks which network operator the customer belongs to and then requests authorisation for the transaction. Once authorised by the mobile network provider, the goods can be dispatched. The mobile customer is the charge via their mobile phone bill (post-paid) or immediately (pre-paid).

All the service features at a glance:

  • Interfaces to all german networks
    Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica/O2/E-Plus
    and Mobilcom/Debitel
  • Best Revenue Routing
  • Transaction overview (Telekom)
  • Online statistics
  • WEB- / WAP-Billing
  • SMS-Billing

mdex mobile Payment solutions

Our solutions at a glance

Mobile Payment

Best Revenue

mdex mobile payment makes it possible to host pre-existing factoring contracts with network operators. To do so, mdex connects to the network operator on behalf of the service provider and assumes all technical processing. When it comes to hosting, the dividends remain with the service provider.

Mobile Payment Hosting

Mobile Payment

Best Revenue

The convenient way of billing with maximum revenue: The service provider provides mdex with the phone number of the end customer for the purposes of billing. The mdex Mobile Payment Platform uses the phone number to check via BRB not only the customer’s network operator affiliation (MNP), but also whether they can be reached via a service provider. The billing solution also automatically determines which channel will generate the greatest revenue.

Best Revenue Billing

If the end customer can be reached via a service provider and if the returns are greater than they would be with billing via the network operator, the system enters a posting immediately. All that is required for billing via BRB is a corresponding billing contract with the service providers.

Billing Mediation

Development of innovative billing processes

Adjustments to billing processes normally take far more time than developing the actual services. This often leads to a requirement to outsource these billing processes. When it comes to this, mdex is a competent point of contact that can act as a bridge between innovative services and the billing system of the mobile network provider. This means adjustments to the existing core billing system can be avoided and the time-to-market accelerated as a result.

We add to your billing infrastructure

Thanks to pre-existing connections to the billing systems of network operators and GSM service providers, the required processes can be implemented there quickly and without any great loss of efficiency.

The postings necessary for the transactions (both accounts receivable/accounts payable as well as pre-paid/post-paid) are carried out by mdex directly and, thereby making a practical addition to the existing billing infrastructure of the mobile provider. One example of a such a billing mediation solution is the linking of various service providers to one mobile network operator mobile payment interface via mdex. The postings are made in relation to mdex billing system as opposed to that of the service provider, thereby guaranteeing increased security. The operator is relieved of the service provider technical support.

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