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Attractive scaled prices – custom service

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Simply combine the data volume of individual SIMs into one total volume.

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1with mdex SIM 500 MB national

mdex SIM Pooling

Dynamically distribute the overall data volume among several SIM cards

In the case of mdex data rates with pooling function (Telekom), it is not the data usage of an individual SIM card that is taken into account, but the usage of a data pool of a number of SIM cards. This means an optimum tariff can selected that reflects the average data usage of all SIM cards and not the peak load of individual cards.



mdex Pooling SIM


If a connection experiences unpredictably high data usage or if there is difficulty estimating the precise data volume required upon set-up, additional top-up MBs will not immediately be charged for the individual connection. The excessive data usage is offset against the overall volume of all SIMs included in the pool. This way alleged added costs are cushioned.


The available data volumes included in each individual mobile contract are combined to form one pooling tariff and made up of the combined total of all data rates of each customer and each tariff. Any included data volumes not used are not transferred to the next billing month and shall expire at the end of the respective billing month. If the pooling data volume agreed in the respective case is exceeded, there will be charge for the number of additionally-used MBs (run-on-rate).


The data volume grows with the number of SIM cards in the pool


The data volume is dynamically distributed among all activated SIM cards



Reduced imputed risk through dynamic distribution of total volume

SIM pooling example cost calculation

100 SIM cards × 3 MB =  300 MB data volume

The total data volume can be freely distributed between the 100 SIM cards.


  • Example
    Regular use

  • 100 SIM cards

  • Included volume

    per SIM card = 3 MB
    Pool total = 300 MB

  • Volume usage

    SIM 1-50 = 1 MB
    SIM 51-100 = 4,9 MB

  • Total pool usage

    295 MB

  • Excess usage


  • Example
    Overrun of the total volume

  • 100 SIM cards

  • Included volume

    per SIM card = 3 MB
    Pool total = 300 MB

  • Volume usage

    SIM 1-50 = 1.1 MB
    SIM 51-100 = 5 MB

  • Total pool usage

    305 MB

  • Excess usage

    per SIM = 0.05 MB
    Total overrun = 5 MB

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