Data communication

for local transformer stations

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Local transformer stations

Improved grid quality thanks to intelligent local transformer stations

Incentive Regulation Ordinance (ARegV)-compliant data communication

The “quality element” of the Incentive Regulation Ordinance (ARegV) serves to guarantee the quality of the electricity grid. One economically viable approach here would be intelligent control in the medium-voltage sector.

mdex Management Portal

We develop scalable networks – regardless of whether for 1 or 1000 systems

mdex has already set up intelligent control for local transformer stations for a number of public utilities. The control takes place redundantly via several mobile network carriers. The entire communication package (hardware, SIM card, VPN encryption) is delivered ready-to-use to the public utility, so all that remains to be connected by the fitter on-site is the power and the data cable. Here the scaling of the VPN connections is taken care of by mdex.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Reduced management outlay
    thanks to single-source delivery of all components
  • Data security
    thanks to robust encryption and redundancy
  • Monitoring
    Of a variety of VPN connections using the m2m Management Portal
  • Future-proof
    thanks to high-scalable VPN systems and remote update service (FOTA)
  • Economical operation
    thanks to cost-optimised data transmission



  • Monitoring via Management Portal
  • Status of connection
  • An overview of all measurement values
  • Statistics export



  • Active alarm warning
  • Fault detection
  • Site-specific fault messages
  • Effective reduction of downtimes

Economic viability


  • Revenue instead of penalties (ARegV)
  • Network management as a service
  • Concentration on core tasks
  • More efficient resource planning

Consulting & support for the connection of local transformer stations