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mdex Experts: Remote video surveillance via mobile network

Remote surveillance via mobile network ( LTE / UMTS ) and internet

Do you want to monitor a property, premises or any other area remotely using an IP camera, but do not have an internet connection at the installation site? With an mdex mobile network solution you can access your IP camera(s) via a mobile network from any location in a few short steps.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Camera use from any location
  • Connection of any IP camera
  • No DSL necessary – just power
  • Global access
  • No other software required
  • BSP Video
  • BSP Video

Simple set-up of your video solution with mdex

1. Connecting the camera with the mobile network

  • Connect the IP camera with the included mdex mobile router ( LTE / UMTS ) Ethernet cable
  • If there is an activated mdex SIM card, an mdex router automatically establishes the mobile network internet connection

2. Establishing access from the internet

  • Activate mdex IP service (e.g. fixed public IP address) via the mdex Management Portal
  • The camera can be reached via a special internet address or a public IP
  • mdex enables global access to devices

Benefits of mdex Solutions

  • Permanent availability of your terminal devices on a mobile network
  • Direct remote access
  • mdex components operational in just a few steps
  • Available simply as an extension or a complete solution

mdex Solutions for remote video surveillance with fixed IP

The advantage – the choice is yours. We offer you the right access solutions for your remote video surveillance with either a fixed public or fixed private IP address.

Public IP access

mdex LTE PRO 

Bild: mdex LTE Pro Paket

Our all-in-one LTE solution (router, SIM, public IP service) for remote access is especially ideal for bandwidth-intensive video applications.

  • Fixed public IP address for direct public remote access
  • Flat-rate 5GB SIM up to 50 GBon Vodafone network
  • LTE router MX880

Private IP access


Bild: mdex mobile.WEB

The mobile.WEB package allows you to access the IP camera web interface via a secured web link (https) in just a few short steps.

  • Fixed private IP address for remote web access
  • Free mdex SIM tariff selection (150 Mbit/s data package up to 50 GB flat-rate1)
  • LTE router MX880

Private IP access (max. 13 devices)


Bild: mdex mobile.LAN

The mdex mobile.LAN package comprises an entire network for secured access to up to 13 devices via web-link or directly via VPN.

  • 13 fixed private IP addresses
  • mdex control tunnel for direct access
  • free mdex SIM tariff selection
  • LTE router MX880
  • Outdoor Antenna + extension cable

Additional information

1Reduced to 64 kbit/s once data quota used.

mdex Consultancy – individual & effective

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  • access options for your devices and systems
  • the ideal SIM card tariff for you
  • choosing the right mdex components

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