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  • Network Coverage
  • Current data tariffs from quantity 1
    150 MB / 300 MB / 500 MB / 800 MB / 1 GB
    2 GB / 5 GB / 10 GB / 30 GB / 50 GB / 80 GB
  • Limit-Alarm
    if the own data volume is exceeded
  • Clear
    One management portal for all connections
  • Combinable
    with mdex routers + access options
  • Protected access in the mdex network
    via a private mdex APN

Only available for sale to business customers

mdex does not conclude any contracts with consumers (Section 13 of the German Civil Code BGB).
All prices are net prices.

Existing customers can continue to order with their customer number (customer code).

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if you have any questions: 04109 555 444

30-day trial period

  • max. 2 x routers
  • max. 2 x SIM cards
  • max. 4 x mdex public.IP / mdex fixed.IP+ / mdex HQ-Tunnel

When ordering simply select the ‘30-day trial period’ option.

Terms and conditions

  • SIM cards costs are charged (no pro-rata charge).
  • Damaged hardware will be invoiced.
  • As-new hardware will be delivered, possibly not in original packaging.
  • This may, upon request, be exchanged for new hardware after the trial period.

The products are purchased with a 30-day cancellation period. It is possible to withdraw from the purchase agreement within this time without indication of reasons. An invoice will be issued upon expiry of the 30-day period.

Total net price (once)
24.29 EUR
Total net price (monthly)
30.20 EUR
Minimum contract term:
24 months
Notice period:
3 months
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Tariff details – mdex SIM Vodafone | Telekom | Telefonica

mdex SIM cards are designed specifically for m2m data communication on the Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica-networks networks and enable protected access via personal mdex APNs on the respective mobile network. Depending on your requirements and choice of network you can choose between the tarifs flatrate1-, run on rate2-, data package3 and pooling4. Specially developed for remote access scenarios, you can order your mdex SIM directly too with a fixed IP address (public / private).


In the case of flat-rate tariffs, transmission speed is reduced to 64 KBit/sec after full usage of the data package set up (e.g. 5 GB). No further cost shall be charged for any extra data being transmitted.

2Run on rate

In the case of the ‘run-on-rate’ data rates, the transmission speed is not reduced after full usage of the data rate set up (e.g. 500MB), the maximum possible data rate can be used. After full usage of the data tariff, additional costs are charged for every additional MB of data transmitted (see price details).

3Data package

In the case of the tariffs with data packages, the transmission speed is not reduced after full usage of the data rate set up (e.g. 500MB), the maximum possible data rate can be used. After full usage of the data package, another data package is charged at the same price.

Example: If a 500 MB-data tariff is set up, and a volume of 800 MB is used, two 500 MB-data packages are charged.


The available inclusive data volume of individual mobile phone contracts is shared by a data pool. SIM cards can access unused data volume of other SIM cards in the same data pool. Booked data volume can be used more efficiently. Unused inclusive data volume is not transferred to the next billing month and expires at the end of a billing month. If the agreed pooling data volume is exceeded, additional MB will be charged.

Further information

You can find further information on the mdex SIM on our >>Support-Wiki.

Specifications – mdex SIM Vodafone | Telekom | Telefonica

LTE- tariffs from order quantities of 1

  • Flatrate / Run on Rate / Package / Pooling
  • 300 MB / 500 MB / 800 MB / 1 GB / 2 GB / 5 GB / 10 GB / 30 GB / 50 GB / 80 GB

Fixed IP Address (optional)

  • fixed public IP address
  • fixed private IP address

Management Portal

  • Lock option
  • Usage statistics
  • Limit alert

Easily upgradeable

  • mdex routers
  • mdex IP services

Protected Access

  • mdex’s own network
  • mdex’s own access points (APN)

You can find further information on the mdex SIM on our >>Support-Wiki.

Examples – mdex SIM Vodafone | Telekom | Telefonica

Video transmission at LTE speed and remote access

Simply combine your mdex SIM LTE tariff with a fixed public or fixed private IP address for direct remote access to the terminal device to be reached. Access your terminal remotely in a few short steps with our mdex IP services.

Or, even more simple: Order one of our remote access packages direct from us. Comprising router, SIM and IP service, these can help you access your connected terminal device directly in a few short steps.

  • Connect, activate, access
  • Optimised data connections for bandwidth-intensive video transmission
  • Active usage overview via the mdex Management Portal limit alarm mdex Management Portal

Our Tip

Secure your IP camera against third party access using password protection and update this regularly.

Telekom Run on rate vs. Vodafone flatrate

Depending on your situation, mdex can offer you powerful LTE tariffs on the Telekom and Vodafone networks. Choose for example a Vodafone flat-rate tariff, leaving you with easily calculable costs. In this case you pay fixed basic fee, and, as soon as the data volume has been reached, the transmission rate is reduced. Telekom run-on-rate tariffs on the other hand do not reduce the transmission rate once the limit has been reached. Then each subsequent MB is charged.

  • Permanent cost controlling with the mdex limit alarm function
  • Active usage overview via the mdex Management Portal
    mdex Management Portal

Our Tip

Create individual alarm profiles in the mdex Management Portal.

FAQs mdex SIM

  • How do I check the mobile network coverage in the desired location? >> mdex Wiki
  • Why can’t the e-mail client send any e-mails via SMTP? >> mdex Wiki
  • How do I prevent hidden costs with the mobile connection? >> mdex Wiki
  • When will my mdexSIM flat-rate tariff be reduced to 64 kbit/s? >> mdex Wiki

You can find further help topics relating to the mdex SIM on our >>Support-Wiki.

mdex SIM for Projects

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4with mdex SIM 500 MB national

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