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IT solutions as fully managed service

Complex network solutions for heterogeneous system landscapes


Integrated and smart – complex network infrastructure in the form of a secure and high-availability service. Future-proof solutions for the data communication of tomorrow.


Regardless of whether for test purposes or linking up several thousand units – mdex develops scalable network solutions and provides resources and know-how in the blink of an eye.

As complex as you want it to be.

Regardless of whether temporary access for maintenance service providers or energy marketers – mdex develops customer-specific VPN networks with any number of accesses for IT service providers, customers, maintenance companies or control centre operators etc.

Clear and manageable.

Connection management using the mdex Management Portal – whether it be the connection status of individual systems or central access management, keep an overview of the bigger picture by grouping your accesses, setting up different users or creating clients.

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Challenges + Solutions

mdex IT solutions are more than just smart – they are highly secure.

Heterogeneous systems


IT security

While older systems are often controlled using analogue dial-up modems, access to modern systems takes place using an encrypted and IP-based approach. The problem arises where both types of system need to be connected to one control centre.

Challenge of heterogeneous system landscapes

mdex can provide hardware configured for encrypted system connection at short notice, facilitate the redundant connection of individual systems to control centres with its ISO-27001-certified network services and can enable a permanent overview of the connection status using the connection management feature of the mdex Management Portal.

Here it does not matter whether it is a remote control system with a serial interface or varying protocol standards such as IEC 104 and ModBUS, we can integrate the most diverse of system types in one uniform network infrastructure in line with the latest IT-security standards.

Complex networks condensed into one solution

CSD Komunikation

Example: IP communication with serial interface

Heterogeneous systems


IT security

Egal ob eine Teststellung oder die Anbindung mehrerer 1.000 Anlagen - mit zwei redundant operierenden Rechenzentren und skalierbaren Netzwerktechnologien sind wir kurzfristig in der Lage, die notwendige Netzwerkinfrastruktur samt Ressourcen bereit zu stellen.

Scalable network solutions

But it is not just an increasing number of systems to be linked that can increase the complexity of networks. Wind farm operators for example often see themselves confronted with the challenge of granting various different parties access to their wind turbines, e.g. direct energy marketers or maintenance service providers.

For exactly such application scenarios mdex offers the possibility of setting up and activating any number of accesses with its VPN solutions and, where necessary, attaching to these different access rights.

Retain an overview in high scalability cases

The mdex Management Portal makes it possible to monitor and manage complex network structures. For instance, the connection status of a wind turbine can be checked via the web portal, or VPN access to a biogas plant blocked. With portal features including the hierarchical depiction of customer accesses and asset management for setting up additional information, customers can keep a structured overview even in the case of complex projects.

Managementportal Mac Preis

Rigorous IT security

Rigorous IT security when it comes to handling data
(backup, anti-virus, firewall, encryption, passwords etc.)

Security-concious staff management

Physical backup of location and infrastructure

Heterogeneous systems

Heterogeneous systems


IT security

mdex operates an information security management system (ISMS) in line with ISO 27001, meaning it already meets the IT security regulations for operators of critical infrastructures.

As an operator of sub-stations, we can contractually guarantee compliance with protective regulations.

If, for example, you are an operator of critical infrastructures as defined under IT security legislation, you can simply rely on our communication infrastructure and save time and resources when switching your systems (example: 24-Month period after the IT Security Catalogue for the Energy Sector comes into force).

IT security


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