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Solutions for IoT communication, SMS and mobile payments

With more than 4,800 customers mdex GmbH is one of the leading ICT service providers for encrypted data communications via mobile networks, DSL and satellite.

Since 1997 we have been using our technologies and services to connect wind farms and solar power plants, robots, energy and building technology, safety installations as well as vehicles, machines and production plants.

mdex’s range of services includes the full range of network components such as routers, SIM cards, IP services, encryption and its own data centre which allows mdex to provide highly secure and high-availability solutions for customers. This enables us to plan out ICT solutions for M2M, Industry 4.0 and IoT projects for industry, commerce and medium-sized companies and also to offer ready-to-operate package solutions for a wide range of application scenarios and sectors from order quantities from as little as a single unit.

mdex also develops and runs custom SMS- and mobile payment-solutions for a variety of German telephone companies and other medium-sized companies.

IoT communication

mdex connects machines throughout the world via mobile networks and the internet.

Delivery of the entire communications line: data security, management portal, SIM card and hardware.



mdex is an established operations specialist on the German mobile network for nearly 20 years.

As part of this, mdex operates an SMS gateway for sending text messages globally.

Mobile payments


mdex develops custom billing solutions in the area of mobile payments.

Innovative services need not only be implemented, they require an effective billing process too.


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